Your home is your own unique, comfy and playful sanctuary. If you look at kids, their activities are never restricted to zones around the house. They play everywhere, draw everywhere (quite…literally), and take their toys everywhere. As we get older, why does the playing need to stop Somewhere along the way we began to restrain our daily activities at specific zones that we create in our homes. Of course, each room can serve a specific purpose, but that blank floorspace in your living room, or where the evening sun hits so perfectly by your window can be utilised more modularly with something as simple as a big, big cushion. Just like kids, we can make our living spaces more multi-purpose and more vibey, by transforming how we lounge with the help of a few not-so-little cushions.

At-Home Hosting

We all have those friends who spontaneously pop over for a morning coffee and only like to sit on the floor. Even when you have a perfectly gigantic couch — floored they go. But it’s not without reason! Apart from feeling more grounded being low, you feel closer to your friends when gathered together around a coffee table. The casual set up also makes the social encounter more fun, be it playing a board game or catching up with friends over wine. Large cushions can become the easy tools for hosting friends or family gatherings, enabling a low-pressure atmosphere that fosters connection with one another, all while offering ultimate comfort and support that lets you sit for longer. Hommey’s Big cushions would be ideal for providing comfort for your multiple guests in large gatherings, where the Mighty’s would be perfect for more intimate groups. Both sizes come in Bouclé and Velvet fabric to match your interior.

Window Lounging

Love that window-side spot that always gets the sunlight? It can become an ideal weekend reading spot if we curate a cushion corner for it - best yet, you can put them away anytime if you want to clear the space. We can simply assemble the Mighty cushion as the seat with a Big or Essential cushion as a back rest. An extra throw like our Faux Fur blanket adds an extra layer of cosy warmth especially during these colder winter afternoons. With the size of our Mighty, we won’t need to worry about having to get a rug to complete that floor space.
This cushion ensemble is also great for morning meditations, an impromptu daybed, reading spot with your kids or your little station switch during work-from-home days.


Outdoor Hangouts

Taking chilling out to the great outdoors, backyard, or patio, Hommey’s Outdoor cushions in water-repellent, removable and washable covers are your perfect lounging partners. The durable fabrics offer great seating support for picnics or naps on the grassy fields. Simply prepare a picnic mat, or tapestry as a ground cover and throw the cushions on top.
Don’t worry if the cushions got a little dirt on after use! Just unzip and remove the covers, give them a little spot clean (or dry clean) and let it flat dry. You can read this blog here for more after-care instructions.


Chelsea A. (Verified Reviewer)
A Little Luxury.
These cushions instantly elevate a room. The size is dramatic yet still practical, and they are such good quality.

Beatrix A. (Verified Buyer)
Absolutely love!!
I adore my Mighty velvet, which I’ve had for about a year now. There are no signs of wear, and it is used every single day!! In fact, my friends and family often fight over who gets to sit on it!!!

Alicia (Verified Buyer)
We (Dog included) love the cushions
The quality of these cushions are so high! Much better than the cushions I’ve purchased at boutique design stores.
For anyone looking to get a bean bag for extra seating, I’d highly recommend getting the XL floor cushion instead! The dog has permanently made the floor cushion his bed.

G (Verified Buyer)
So comfy
I was hesitant to invest so much $$ into 6 cushions but these are amazing. Such incredible quality, perfectly squishy and durable enough for my son to make a fort out of them.

Ellen K. (Verified Buyer)
Beautiful colour and so soft!
It is gorgeous! This cushion won’t disappoint you. I have bought 6 other cushions with it and the colours are all beautifully vibrant. They make the space look so fun and quirky.

Courtney S. (Verified Buyer)
Beautiful quality
Absolutely love the colour and the quality is so good, especially love the trim which gives it a very high end look
May 15, 2023