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Bath & Beach Robes

Explore Our Range of Luxury Bath Robes

Designed with transeasonal comfort and style in mind, our mid weight unisex bath robes will offer you that warm hug during the cooler months and a lighter breathability throughout Spring and Summer. Curated for everyone and every home, our bath robes are available in a wide range of playful stripes or solids to ensure you find your perfect match. Washing machine approved to guarantee durability and longevity in your home, our bath robes are a staple in every modern wardrobe.

What Are Bath Robes Used For?

More than just a regular bath robe, the Hommey unisex bath robe will be ready for you when you want to take that extra time for yourself. Whether you’ve juuust stepped out of the perfect bubble bath, or you’re still umming and ahhing on what outfit you’re going to wear to lunch, or for those quiet Saturday self-care evenings in - our bath robe will transition any mundane moment into a luxurious and indulgent experience, because you deserve it.

Is A Bath Robe Better Than A Towel?

Why not experience the comfort of both? While a bath towel is perfect for initially absorbing the water droplets post shower (or ocean dip), the Hommey bath robe will ensure you’re kept warm, comfortable and feeling refreshed for longer. Secure the robe tightly for a more snug fit, or leave the belt dangling for an effortless look. Spacious and deep pockets can be found on either side to ensure your hands (or snacks) are kept snug and secure.

Can A Bath Robe Also Be Used As a Towel?

Absolutely! Our Hommey bath robes are made from an organic, plush towelling material which is highly absorbent and comfortable on the body. We recommend using our 100% organic cotton bath towels first to get the initial water droplets off the face and feet, before swinging on the bath robe to work its magic - leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Explore our popular bath robe collection today and notice the difference.