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When size matters and you're looking for full-body coverage, only this goliath-sized cushion will do! Equally as good as a floor pillow as it is on a roomy couch. Sink in, sprawl out and enjoy being engulfed in the soft and warm hug of a cushion. Pet parents beware, you'll have to be quick to call dibs on this one.

92cm x 92cm - Mighty Cushion

Floor cushions are a versatile and practical addition to any home, providing additional seating and a cosy place to relax. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can be used to decorate any room, including the bedroom, living room or terrace.

Floor cushions are especially useful for creating a casual and relaxed atmosphere in your living space, allowing you to sit comfortably on the floor while enjoying your favourite activities, such as reading, watching TV, or spending time with friends and family.

Not only are floor cushions practical, but they can also be an excellent way to add a pop of colour or texture to your interior design. You can mix and match different textures and colours to create a unique and stylish seating arrangement that complements your decor.

How To Choose The Best Floor Cushions For Your Space?

When choosing big floor cushions, consider the level of comfort and support you need and how you plan to use them, is it for floor cushion seating, for sitting, for decoration or just general lounging about in the lounge. Hommey cushions come with a high-quality filling of down feather, to ensure they are soft and comfortable to sit on for long periods. Every cushion comes with a removable cover for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Overall, floor cushions are a fantastic way to add extra seating and a touch of style to your home. With so many different fabric abd colour options available, you can easily find the perfect floor cushions to suit your needs and enhance your living space.

How Do I Look After My Floor Cushions? 

Machine Washable Floor Cushion Covers

If the floor cushion product care tag says that the cushion cover can be machine washed, simply unzip the cushion cover and remove it from the cushion. Once the cushion cover is placed in the washing machine, pop the cushion cover a gentle cycle in cold water with mild, natural detergent. Make sure the cushion cover is zipped up before (just in case the cushion cover twists and turns into a tangled mess). Cushion covers can be hung outside on the line, or to avoid shrinkage, place the damp cushion cover onto the cushion and let it dry molding itself to the shape of the cushion for the perfect fit.

Hand Washing Floor Couch Cushions

Make sure you take a good look at the cushion cover care tag to see if the cushion cover is machine washable. If not, there are a few steps you can take to get rid of any stubborn stains on your cushion cover. Firstly, remove the cushion cover from the cushion inner so the inner doesn’t get damaged or wet. In a spray bottle, mix 1 cup of white vinegar, 1 cup of water, and 2 tablespoons of all natural dish soap. Lightly spray the cushion cover stain and give the mixture a minute or so to sink into the cushion cover.

Once the liquid has settled into the cushion cover, lightly dab the stain with a cloth until it has removed - do not scrub aggressively as this may damage the fibres in the cushion cover. Once the cushion cover stain is gone, use a separate clean rag and make it damp with clean water to rinse the spot, leaving it fresh to dry. Top tip: baking soda is a great tool to use on cushion cover stains that have a stronger odour - simply leave overnight and repeat the above steps. 

Once you’ve completed the cushion cover spot stain removal, give the cushion an overall clean to make sure all remaining dirt is gone. Add a drop or two of natural dish soap to a damp cloth and gently rub the entire cushion cover with it, covering each corner of the cushion cover. Repeat until there is no dirt left and use a new damp cloth to rinse the cushion free of remaining dish soap.

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Extra largeOversizedInserts/ Inners
Very largeSquare Fluffy
BigBoucleDuck down
GiantVelvet Washable
Feather pillowFaux Fur

How Often Should I Clean My Floor Cushion Covers?

Scheduling time to clean and maintain freshness of your cushion covers should definitely be part of your cleaning routine! Removing dirt and dust from your cushion covers can be done once a week with a vacuum cleaner, and we recommend washing the cushion covers every three months to prolong longevity. If you notice a stain on your cushion cover, we recommend jumping on the clean up job as soon as possible for ease of removal from your cushion. Once you’re done with the regular maintenance, you’ll be ready to sit back and enjoy your space in all of its freshness.