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Red Cushions

How to style red cushions?

Red cushions are a versatile home decor accessory that can add a pop of color and comfort to any room. A bold red cushion can make a statement in a neutral-colored room, while a softer shade can complement existing red accents.

Types of red cushions?

Hommey offers a variety of red cushions including velvet, felt, boucle, corduroy, linen or outdoor fabrics. 

Why should I buy a red cushion? 

If you're looking for a pop of colour, something to compliment a neutral space or ready to spice your living room up we suggest trying one of our textured red cushions.

Where can I buy a red cushion? 

Head to to find our full range of red cushions available for you to shop.

What size red cushions are there? 

There are a variety of red cushion sizes you can style on your couch or bed. We recommend styling your couch or bed with any of our square cushions in either the essential size (51cm x 51cm) and big size (63cm x 63cm). Pair this with our round cushion in junior (40cm) or our rectangle lumbar cushion (40cm x 63cm)