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Blue Cushions

Choosing the perfect blue or navy blue cushion all comes down to personal preference and the desired look you want to create in your space. Luckily, our cushion collections offer a wide variety of blue and navy blue hues, from light and airy pastel blues to deep and sophisticated navy blues. Adding carefully selected blue and navy blue cushions to your space can bring a sense of calm and tranquility, perfect for creating a serene atmosphere in any room. Our blue and navy blue cushion covers come in a range of luxurious and durable fabrics, so you can enjoy their beauty and comfort for years to come.

What Sizes Do Blue and Navy Blue Cushions Come In?

Our collection of modern indoor and outdoor blue and navy blue cushions come in a range of sizes to suit any space. You can choose from mini or small, standard or regular, large, huge or jumbo cushions. Our Mighty floor cushion measures 92cm x 92cm, while the Big cushion is 63cm x 63cm. The Essential cushion measures 51cm x 51cm, and our Lumbar cushion measures 40cm x 63cm. For those who love the crowd favourite, we also offer the Junior cushion in blue and navy blue, measuring 40cm x 40cm.

How Many Blue Cushions Do I Need?

When it comes to choosing cushion quantities for your space, we understand that it can be a bit overwhelming. But fear not, as we have some recommendations to help you get started! 

For a 2-2.5 seater sofa, we suggest using x2 Big or Essential cushions, along with 1x Junior cushion. 

For a 3 seater sofa, you can go all out with x4-x5 Big or Essential cushions. 

If you have a 4 seater, we recommend using x4 - x6 Big or Essential couch cushions, along with x2 Lumbar cushions and x2 Junior cushions. 

When it comes to beds, we suggest using x2 Big bed cushions on either side of a queen-sized bed, followed by x2 Essential cushions. For a finishing touch, add a Lumbar or Junior cushion to complete the look. 

The blue and navy blue cushions are available in all the sizes mentioned above to complement your decor.

Colour index 

Navy BlueRoyal BlueAqua Blue
Blue and blushBlue and creamBright blue
Blue and greyBlue and greenPale blue
Unusual vintage blueBlue and mustardBlue and terracotta
Blue and whiteBlue and yellow Cobalt
CornflowerCopper and blueLight Blue
Deep blueDark BlueTeal Blue
Denim blueDuck eggDusky
Ice blueIndigoInky blue
Blue and goldMarine blueTurquoise
Teal blueMid blueMediterranean blue
MidnightMint blueTaupe and blue
Steel blueSmokey blueSoft blue
SapphireSky blueRust and blue
Powder bluePlain Pink and blue
PastelOrange and blueNavy and tan
Peacock PeriwinklePetrol

Materials/ designer accent attributes

SofaCordInserts/ Inners
DecorativeBed / bedroomFluffy
Scatter/ throwVelvet Washable
Feather filled pillowFaux Fur / Fake FurStriped
OutdoorBoucleDuck down
CheckedLiving roomSets 
Dining chair Settee/ seatWindow seat/ bench
Cotton Funky
RetroCushion cases / coversLounge
FeltSoft Geometric

Shapes/ sizes

SmallMedium Large 
Big Long Jumbo
Floor Ball Round 
Bolster OblongSquare
Rectangle CircularExtra Large

How To Choose Blue Cushions?

Choosing cushions comes down to personal preference and the style and energy you want to create in your space, especially when it comes to the color blue. Our cushion collections offer a variety of shades of blue and different fabric materials to suit any interior. When adding cushions, it's important to carefully consider how they match with your existing space, including colors, materials, and artwork.

If you prefer a more muted and minimalist look, our Linen and Corduroy cushion collections in shades of blue are perfect for injecting an extra layer of comfort and relaxation. On the other hand, if you want to add bursts of bright and eclectic colors, our signature Bouclé and Velvet cushion collections also offer shades of blue that can give you the look you're after.

TOP BLUE CUSHION TIP: When it comes to cushions, don’t be afraid to mix and match different textures and colours for added depth and interest to your couch or bed.

Where Can I Use My Blue Cushions?

There's no limit to the versatility that Hommey's blue cushions bring to any corner of your home. Whether you need to revamp your couch, armchair, feature chair, window bench, guest room or bedroom, a well-curated selection of blue cushions is all it takes to ensure extended comfort and relaxation. And that's not all, because we didn't forget about your front porch or back garden entertainment area, which is why our outdoor cushion range is designed to provide Hommey cushion comfort wherever you go.

To cater to every style preference, we offer a wide range of blue cushions, including contemporary, plain, decorative, patterned, textured, designer, cool/quirky/funky scatter cushions or luxury cushions. You can mix and match the styles to add a unique character to your space. We also have a variety of plush style cushions (like Boucle), fluffy cushions (like faux fur), and many more options that you can choose from based on your preference. Whether you prefer a soft or firmer style cushion, our extensive online cushion and cushion cover collection has got you covered.