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Hommey Cushion Inserts

What Size Cushion Inserts Are There?

If you're in search of feather cushion inserts for your indoor or outdoor space cushions, our down cushion fillers collection offers a wide range of cushion insert sizes to choose from. We have mini, small, standard or regular, large, huge, and jumbo sizes available to suit your needs. Our cushion inner collection starts with the Mighty floor cushion insert, measuring 92cm x 92cm, followed by the Big cushion insert at 63cm x 63cm, the Essential cushion insert at 51cm x 51cm, the Lumbar cushion insert at 40cm x 63cm, and lastly, the Junior cushion insert measuring 40cm x 40cm, which is a crowd favorite.

Difference Between Cushions And Pillows?

While pillows primarily serve a functional purpose in the bedroom, supporting the head, neck, and spinal alignment, cushions play a decorative role in various settings. They can be used to add a touch of comfort to everyday couches in the lounge, as well as feature chairs, standard chair cushions, cozy beds, and any nook that you feel could use a little extra decoration.

Cushion insert product tags and insert sizes: 30 x 50 cushion insert, 40cm x 40cm cushion cover insert, 40x60 cushion insert, 43x43 cushion insert, 45cm x 45cm cushion, 50cm x 50cm cushion insert, 55x55 cushion pillow insert, 60 x 60 cushion insert, 65x65 cushion insert, bolster cushion insert, cushion fillers for sofas, couch cushion inners, cushion infills, down cushion inserts, duck down cushion inserts, duck feather cushion inners, european cushion inserts, feather filled cushion inserts, floor cushion insert, larger cushion inners, rectangle/ lumbar cushion insert, replacement sofa cushion inserts, round inners, small throw/ scatter inserts.

What is the best way to clean a cushion inner?

If you have feather or down-filled cushion inserts, it's important to be cautious when it comes to cleaning them to avoid ruining their good quality. Although these materials are washable, doing so can damage the feathers and lead to a lumpy, unattractive cushion. Instead, opt for dry cleaning or use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment to remove surface dirt, hair, or fur. For more thorough cleaning, use a damp sponge with a mild detergent and sprinkle baking soda to absorb any odors. After the cushion filler has dried, vacuum off the baking soda and consider airing them out in the sun while washing the cushion covers.