The Versatility of Hommey Velvets

It’s getting pretty clear that Winter is calling, which means it’s time to dial up the cosy factor in our homes. The transition into these colder and quieter months of the year is the perfect time to transform your home into a delightfully comfortable and warm space. Look no further than the addition of Hommey’s velvet cushions to your home. Armed with deliciously soft fibres and a sleek and shiny coat, velvet has the power to transform even the most simple sofa or bed into a double-take statement piece.

The Weave Of Velvet:

In contrast to linen that is made from a flat-woven material, velvet undergoes a series of manufacturing steps involving a lot of yarn. This long process is to ensure that the final product offers warmth and durability without compromising on luxurious style. It begins with two layers of fabrics that go on a double action loom receiving simultaneous weaving, before interlacing with the connecting yarns. When it comes off the loom, the layers are simply cut apart to produce the soft, upright pile that makes velvet so irresistible.

Adding Warmth:

One of the wonderful characteristics of velvet is its heavy and luxurious weight, which instantly creates depth and warmth to any corner of the home. Whether you are wanting to achieve a bold and modern look, a layered and eclectic look, or warm and traditional - placing a range of Big, Essential and Lumbar velvet cushions onto your sofa, or a Junior size onto your feature chair achieves an instant cosy aesthetic.

Statement Velvets:

If you’re seeking to conquer the wow factor in your home this Winter, choose a velvet colour palette that contrasts against the colours of your walls and/or sofa. Hommey’s velvet range has an enticing assortment of colours to choose from so you can find something that will work with your space. From the rich and deep hues of Cognac, Midnight Blue, and Chocolate - to more uplighting and fresh tones of French Fizz, Toffee, and Sicilian Olive, there’s a velvet cushion with your name on it.

Mixing of Fabrics and Materials:

When it comes to velvet, there’s no need to shy away from getting experimental with various contrasting fabrics and materials that you may already have in your home. Velvet only compliments and highlights depth and tactile interest to your styling desires. Whether it’s paired with vintage linen, reclaimed boarded walls, fluffy Moroccan rugs, or varnished oak floors - the styling options are endless and offer your home a forever cosy ambience.

Add that extra layer of warmth to your homes this Winter with the addition of velvet. Pair alongside a blazing fireplace, a fresh brew of tea and your favourite book. Browse our collection of colours, shapes, and sizes online now at

November 24, 2022