LINEN 101: A Hommey Style Guide

After months of lingering grey clouds and warm-me-up hot chocolates, it’s finally time to welcome the warmer days of Spring and Summer. At Hommey, we believe that the change of seasons doesn’t have to be met with friction or panic when it comes to home styling, and though every nook and cranny may feel a little rigid from Winter, The Hommey Linen collection is bound to add some warmth, personality and cosiness into your space. So… channel the change of seasons with our latest collection, made from 100% Portuguese linen for effortless and timeless styling.

It wouldn’t be a classic Summer home without the careful scattering of breezy, soft and versatile linen throughout your home. Why is linen the perfect fabric for all your Summer home desires, you ask? Linen is FLEXIBLE - both in its interior styling options and in its natural structure. Linen is harvested from the flax plant which grows in much cooler climates than cotton - making it robust against cheeky evening bugs, beautifully soft to the touch and sustainable.

The natural fibres of linen are forgiving when it comes to afternoon siestas and the natural crinkle lines simply add to the relaxed-lived-in aesthetic. Not to worry if you spill the sauce or bevvy, the interchangeable covers are machine washable to provide you with ease and convenience to maintain the soft exterior.

We understand that each home has its own unique individuality, which is why we ensured that this collection included a vast colour palette, from neutrals such as Oat, Milkshake, and Rust — to brighter and more playful colours inspired by nature with Sky, Blush, and Mauve. Bright yet calming colours will add a touch of naturality to your home throughout Summer, whether you choose to style the cushions on your couch or comfortably curated on your bed — there’s no end to the versatility.

Rustic? Modern? Bohemian? Linen has no preference! Thanks to its versatile fabric, it has the ability to elevate even the simplest of spaces. Choose to keep the linen cohesive to create a more minimalist feel, or mix and match with our other collections, such as Velvet or Bouclé for a standout-eclectic interior narrative in your space.

The choice is yours. Explore the possibilities of linen today and be one step ahead of Summer. Browse our new and improved linen collection now at

November 24, 2022