Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! It’s time to celebrate the wonderful Mother’s in our lives who do it all and often ask for nothing in return. From placing band aids on our grazes after they told us not to run too fast, to being able to master the hearty home cooked meal of spaghetti bolognese, to being our number one supporter and cheerleader on every sideline. To help celebrate your Mum, we’ve curated some foolproof gift guides so you can be prepared in giving the gift of ultimate comfort.

Designed for the ultra chic Mum that oozes effortless flair and elegance. This Mum is always up to date with seasonal trends and ensures her home is a reflection of her unique, sophisticated, and tasteful style. Combining Hommey’s neutral bouclé cushions with more bold and colourful velvet cushions will create an everlasting and tidy aesthetic throughout her home.

Gift your Mum a trip back in time with this seventies inspired colour palette - deep rust and tuscan sun corduroy, latte bouclé, matcha bath towel and latte Claude slides. The combination of textures offers any space depth and interest, while the subdued yet bright colour palette will add a natural pop of colour. Think Fleetwood Mac meets music and art festivals - it’s a winner.

If your Mum’s home is her pride and joy - look no further than neutral and calming tones that inject a sense of ease and comfort in every corner of the home. Elevate your Mum’s recharging zone with thoughtful gifts such as the bath towel in stone and a luxurious ORRIS cold-pressed soap. Proven to be perfectly complemented with a well brewed cup of tea (in bed).

Whether it’s a day at the beach, afternoon at the local farmers market, or evening entertainment in the backyard - these outdoor inspired gifts are sure to enhance your Mum’s spirit for adventure. All products guarantee Hommey comfort, but with extra water repellent and UV resistant fabric to withstand those summer rays and occasional showers.

With our curated Mother’s Day gift guide, there’s something for every Mum - so pamper her this Mother’s day with a lending hand from Hommey. She will love you (even more!) for it. Want to add a personalised spin on your gift? The options to mix and match your gifts are endless. Avoid feeling stuck with ideas this Mother’s Day by browsing our products online now!

November 24, 2022