Hommey’s Guide to Cushion Sizes & Styling

At Hommey, we never underestimate the power of cushions. Whether big or small, round or square, cushions have the power to bring a sense of calm and relaxation into any space in your home. Each home has a unique design and interior that reflects who you are, so here are some tips to help you find the right sized Hommey cushion for your furniture.

One Seater Chairs

Adding decorative details to the one seater chair can be tricky - especially since there is not a lot of space to work with. The last thing you want to do is overcrowd your chair with cushions that don’t add ambience and a sense of cosiness to your space. If your one seater chair has a high and plump structure, such as Sarah Ellison’s mesmerising ‘Alva’ chair, a simple square cushion can add another layer of comfort. The Hommey Essential is a simple square - nothing too fussy or extravagant, but it has just enough shape and size to accent a one seater chair. If you want to take the detailing to another level, layer one of the Hommey Junior Circle (40cm) cushions in front of the Essential (51cm x 51cm) for an effortless and modern twist.

Sarah Ellison’s ‘Huggy Swivel’ one seater chair can be a sculptural feature in any space. With its low back and curved foundations, this chair is the perfect home for a single Junior cushion. While this cushion may be small, it’s versatile - the circular shape adds dimension and quiet detailing to any low backed chair. To experiment more with shape, replace the Junior with a single Lumbar cushion (40cm x 63cm), which will offer your single seated chair more depth, comfort and personalisation.

Three Seater Lounges

The addition of plump, cosy and unique cushions is a guaranteed way to elevate your three seater couch. Starting with a blank canvas can be overwhelming, but our Hommey cushions range from all different shapes, sizes and textures which will assist you in accenting your three seater with ease. The key is to not over clutter your sofa as it may throw off the ambience in your home and won’t be comfortable for all day relaxing. If you’re after a more formal aesthetic with your couch detailing, we recommend placing cushions using the 2-1-2 rule. With the help of Big (63cm x 63cm), Essential or Junior  on the corners of your couch (depending on your style), you can easily create a full and comfortable look. Simply place a Lumbar cushion or an additional Essential in the middle to complete a well rounded and desirable sofa.

If you want to achieve a more relaxed and lived in look, positioning two Essential square cushions on either side of your couch will seamlessly provide your home with more subtle comfort. Depending on the size of your couch, you could swap out the Essentials and replace them with Bigs to take your sofa to cloud like comfort.

The Corner Sofa or Modula Couch

The corner sofa is the dream spot for curling up with a good book after a long day at work. To ensure your corner sofa transports you to a world of comfort, the amount of cushions you decorate it with is very important. If your sofa comfortably fits three people, between 3-6 cushions is a great amount. If you have a bigger corner sofa and more people to squeeze in, you can afford to fit up to nine cushions on your sofa. Depending on the size, we recommend you experiment with a range of Big, Essential and Junior to create an effortless and comfortable sofa arrangement.

With three comfortable focal points, you want to make sure that the cushions are placed in the key areas of the sofa to help draw the eye to the detailing. A helpful tip with corner sofas is to make sure that the number of cushions you use to accent is in multiples of three (one for the ends of the sofa and one for that deliciously cosy corner). The options are endless with corner sofas, why not pop a Big cushion at the end of the ‘L’ shape for your feet to get cosy on? Including a range of textures amongst your sizes is another way you can create depth and meaning to your sofa.

November 24, 2022