Interior Design Trends 2022

We have made it to another New Year and while our bellies and hearts are still sufficiently full of that third serving of pavlova (and from laughing at the same Christmas cracker joke), we still have room to manifest that dream interior look for this coming year. Grab a cuppa’, get cosy and take a read of what’s coming up this year.

Colour is back!

The return of colour is something to get super excited about this year. Incorporating pops of colour through bold colour blocking is one way to guarantee your space feels bright, eclectic, and encourages your visitors to stay that little bit longer.

Kicking off the colour trend is no other than Pantone, with the introduction of their highly anticipated colour of the year: VERY PERI. An inviting shade of blue with violet and red undertones, the intention behind the development of this colour is to represent personal creativity and inventiveness. Incorporating this new colour into your home will only elevate its foundations, whether that’s a pop of colour on the walls or adding bold accent pieces onto your couch (check out our next-best-thing with our blue collection to get you that bit closer). But if you gravitate more towards a refined vintage colour palette, we are sensing a surge in shades of green, brown, and moss - as well as orange shag and chocolate brown.

Keep your eyes peeled for *sneaky* teasers on Hommey’s 2022 colours using our , they may just be that perfect pop of colour your living area desires.


While 2021 interiors had a focus on the “less is more” mantra, with clean white walls, hints of Scandinavian furniture, and the smell of fresh linen, this year we are predicting a one-way ticket back in time to all things postmodern. The fundamental belief of this movement is to get bold and busy with colours, textures, shapes, and furniture. The more fun and wacky – the better.

At Hommey, our favourite materials to get experimental with are the playfulness of and the durable chicness of . Not only are these materials deliciously soft and will tempt you into that afternoon siesta, but they are also extremely robust. These premium textures can be taken from the comfort of your lounge to those evening sunset walks or backyard BBQs around your neighbourhood.

The multi layers of a post-modern interior makes space for creative freedom, as well as bold, brave, and experimental detailing. The colour palette is flexible and reflective of your own personality, style, hobbies, and even your current favourite Hommey playlist. If you want to go bold, imagine yourself as a Warhol painting and utilise pops of colours with vibrant reds, yellows, greens, and blues. This could be in the form of a vase, a cosy throw over your couch or a larger-than-life towel that will make you want to take that extra five minutes for yourself.

Mindful Curation and Bringing the Outdoors… IN.

Over the past couple of years, we have all become professionals at staying in and ensuring that every detail of our home is carefully curated. Not only is this extremely beneficial for our well-being, but we are also creating sanctuaries that we are comfortable in and happy to call home.

In 2022, the outdoors is coming IN and the feel of our home is extending from our living rooms and bedrooms all the way through to our kitchen and bathrooms with the addition of carefully designed accents. This could be in the form of colourful tea towels dangling from the kitchen counter, ready and packed in the beach bag, or a pair of that make that quick trip outdoors that little bit easier. Or why not create that dream indoor-outdoor flow with cloud-like outdoor cushions on your deck or backyard? The best way to finish a summer evening is with the people you love in a comfortable yet tastefully curated space.

While trends come and go, it is always important to remember that lasting style is the core of creating an interior that reflects your unique individuality. Hommey is here and ready to give you that splash of colour or tactile texture you might be missing in your home this year. Browse our products online now.

November 24, 2022