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Black Cushions

What Size Cushions Are There? - Black Cushions Edition

Our indoor cushion and outdoor cushion collection promises there's the perfect sized black cushion for your space. Whether you need mini or small, standard or regular, large, huge, or jumbo, we've got you covered. Starting with our Mighty black floor cushion at 92cm x 92cm, the Big black cushion at 63cm x 63cm, the Essential black cushion at 51cm x 51cm, our Lumbar black cushion at 40cm x 63cm, and finally, the Junior black cushion 40cm x 40cm, a crowd favourite coming.

Difference Between Cushions And Pillows?

Pillows serve a more functional role in the bedroom; they are carefully designed to support your head, neck and spinal alignment. Black cushions are used as decorative pieces for every-day couches in the lounge, as sofa black cushions, feature chairs, standard chair black cushions, cosy beds and any nook that you feel needs that extra touch of black comfort.

How Many Black Cushions Do I Need?

The black cushion quantity choice is yours! But we do understand it can be quite tricky to know where to start when it comes to choosing how many black cushions you require for your space, living room, bedroom or home. As a rough guide, we recommend the following for black cushion quantities:

The 2 - 2.5 seater: build the foundations of comfortable lounging with these black sofa cushions; x2 Big black cushions or x2 Essential black couch pillows, and 1x Junior black cushion.

The 3 seater: More room = more black sofa cushions! Style together x4-x5 Big black cushions or Essential black cushions for a luxuriously full aesthetic.

The 4 seater: x4 - x6 Big black couch cushions or Essential black couch cushions will bring your black couch to life. Add on x2 Lumbar black cushions and x2 Junior black cushions as the cherry on top.

Beds: For a queen-sized bed, we love the look of x2 Big black bed cushions on either side, followed by x2 Essential black cushions with either the choice of the Lumbar or Junior black cushion to bring the black aesthetic full circle. For bigger or smaller beds, you can add or take away as many black cushions as you like due to the versatility and design of our black cushions.

How To Choose Black Cushions?

Choosing black cushions all narrows down to personal preference and what style and energy you want to welcome into your space. Luckily, our luxury black cushion collections offer a varied colour palette and a range of cushion fabric materials to suit any black interior. It’s important to slowly bring in the addition of black cushions to a space that thoughtfully matches them, so start by observing what you have already in your space and highlight different colours, materials and artwork that will further be complimented by Hommey's black cushion covers.

If you're after a more muted and minimalist black aesthetic, our Linen black cushion and Corduroy black cushion collections will perfectly inject a new layer of black comfort for ultimate rest and relaxation. If you're looking for bursts of bright and eclectic black colours, our signature Bouclé black cushion and Velvet black cushion collections will be just what you're after.

Materials/ designer accent attributes

SofaCordInserts/ Inners
DecorativeBed / bedroomFluffy
Scatter/ throwVelvet Washable
Feather filled pillowFaux Fur / Fake FurStriped
OutdoorBoucleDuck down
CheckLiving roomSets 
Dining chair Settee/ seatWindow seat/ bench
Retro / Funky / UniqueCushion cases / coversLounge
FeltSoft Geometric / abstract
PlainJust borderTextured

Shapes/ sizes

SmallMedium Large 
Big Long Jumbo
Floor Ball Round 
Bolster OblongSquare
Rectangle CircularExtra Large

TOP BLACK CUSHION TIP: When it comes to black cushions, don't be afraid to mix and match different textures and colours for added depth and interest to your couch or bed.