Shining A Light On Hommey Pets

In honour of National Pet Day, we thought it was only appropriate to hold some space for our all new Pet Collection, a collection of durable and long lasting products that don’t compromise on style or comfort, so your furry companions can experience the world of Hommey comfort by your side. Our pets are always sneaking their way onto our cushions or beds at home, so we went ahead and made them their own bed, pillow, blanket and collar & lead - the Hommey way.


The Pet Bed

Working with over a dozen pet owners, our Pet Bed is 100% pet approved, with the same comfort and style you expect from Hommey collections. Designed with functionality in mind, the beds have removable components and are machine washable to ensure your pets have a comfortable space to call their own. Made from our best-selling Bouclé fabric known for its design and practical durability, and our new, cosy Faux Fur fabric - The Hommey Pet Bed seamlessly styles with your home with its sleek and comfy shape, allowing you and your pal to enjoy your space together. 


The Pet Pillow

Whether your pet is teething, appreciates a long comfortable nap, or simply has playful pops of energy — our Pet Pillow will easily find a purpose in your furry friend's daily schedule. Shaped as a chunky bone to make it that more delicious, our too-cute Hommey Pet Pillow comes in two stylish fabrics: Bouclé to withstand a game of fetch and odd hiding spots, and Faux Fur for our more lux loving pets that enjoy lounging and dreaming of an endless flow of treats. Bouclé is available in 8 colours and Faux Fur is available in 7 colours.



The Pet Blanket

Nothing says a good night's sleep quite like a luxuriously soft faux fur blanket. Tuck in your furry friend with The Hommey Pet Blanket; a thick, and durable blanket that will promise them an extra layer of warmth throughout the cooler seasons, and a comfortable throne to tucker out on during long drives home from the park or beach. Mid-weighted to promise a warm calming hug for our pets that can feel anxious from loud noises or being alone. Available in seven stylish colours, our pet blankets are machine washable to guarantee freshness and extended softness all year round.


Collar & Lead

Walkies just got a whole lot cooler. We are reinventing your pet's look with our Collars and Leads made from our signature bouclé fabric. Mastering the balance of function with style, our collars and leads are available in five statement colour ways to cater to each pet's unique personality. Want to mix it up? Our leads and collars are sold separately so you can have the freedom to curate your own style and look. Easy to clip on and off, your pup will be wagging their tail and trotting over to you as soon as they see you reach for the lead.



How many colours does the Pet Bed come in?

We wanted to ensure there was something for everyone (and pet!), which is why we made our Bouclé available in 8 colours, and our Faux Fur in 7 colours. 

How does the sizing work for the Pet Beds?

Our pet beds are available in two sizes. The smaller size is 45cm x 75cm x 18cm and the larger size is 62cm x 100cm x 19cm. If you have a medium sized pup, we recommend sizing up to give them optimum space to move and stretch. For more information - you can find our size guide in the product description.

Can I easily wash the Pet Collection products?

Absolutely! For your convenience, our pet beds have a removable cover that can be washed on a gentle cycle to prolong freshness and longevity. Similarly, our pet blankets as well as collars and lead can be popped on a gentle wash. 

What makes Hommey Pet Beds different? 

Our team spent a year developing and testing the pet bed on a wide range of pups to ensure they were the most functional, comfortable and easily blended into your interior. This meant ensuring they were equipped with a non slip fabric base, orthopaedic high density memory foam and an accident resistant inner cover.

Our pet bed comes equipped with removable components and carry handle for your convenience. The machine washable inner mattress pad can even be removed and used as a travel bed for your pet's home away from home.

Can I purchase just the cover of The Pet Bed?

Not yet! But we are working hard behind the scenes to have this available. Be sure to subscribe to our email list, or join The Hommey Insiders to be notified and first on the list.
February 27, 2023