James and Nora on their “floating home” in the London Canals

James and Nora gave us a tour of their “floating home” in the London Canals, and spoke to us about their design style

le, life onboard, and what “home” means to them.

“Our home is a 10 foot by 60 foot canal boat that floats in the London Canals. I don't know if there is any other city in the world that has as many people living on canal boats so that makes it very unique”

What does “home” mean to you?
“When you live on a boat, home means adventure!“

How would you describe your personal (interior decorating) style?
“I would say our interior style is minimal and sentimental. When you have limited space you have to be very strict with things!”

Lately we have been watching a lot of Grand Designs. Maybe we can add a second story onto the boat one day.

We love entertaining and it's always so much fun sharing our unique lifestyle with friends and family. Despite being onboard for 3 years, it still feels fun and exciting!

November 24, 2022