Interior Design Trends 2023

Interior Design Trends 2023 

It’s out with the old and in with the new. It’s 2023! Which means we are boxing up our Christmas decorations for another year, and shifting our interior focus to a modern home that reflects personal flair, eclectic colour blocking, and double-take individualism. Get comfy and nestled in between your favourite Hommey cushions and take a read of what’s on the horizon for interiors in 2023, from finding the balance between 90’s neutrals and a burst of vibrant colour - to mixing and matching textures to create enhanced depth and interest throughout every corner of your home.


Back to the 90’s Neutrals.

Mastering that minimalist sparkly clean ‘white’ interior has been on the forefront of many interior trends in previous years. However for 2023, we are seeing a shift development of this trend that leans more towards warm 90’s neutrals such as beige, brown, and cream. This muted colour palette will forever evoke feelings of calmness, which is one of the most crucial feelings for thoughtful homebodies. Our top picks for creating the perfect foundations of 90’s neutrality is with our Linen collection in Linen Essential Chocolate Big Linen Oat , and Junior Linen Milkshake. If you’re after a bit more texture, our Linen collection matches perfectly with the softness of our Bouclé cushion range in Mighty Truffle Lumbar Stone and Big Latte.

Say it with a burst of colour.

Who said comfort can’t be colourful, too? An eclectic palette of bold colour blocking is all the rage of 2023. It’s important to add colourful warmth, contrast and dimension alongside your neutral foundations so your space moves from a stark clinical vibe, to a more stylish, modern and energy lifting space. Our general recommendation is to use 20% colour and 80% neutrals. This will allow the space to feel more carefully curated, lively, character-filled while not feeling too ‘all over the place’. If you’re still on the fence about adding colour to your space, our Corduroy collection is perfect for you due to its muted yet comforting aesthetic. Bathrooms are also a great space in the home to add a pop of colour due to their typical neutral foundations - spice things up with our premium Bathroom Collection and add colour blocking through our Sage Bath MatSky Hand towels and Blush Robe.


Pantone's Colour of 2023.

Effortless flowing from the trend of vibrant colours, is the announcement of Pantone's colour of 2023. The vibrant pop of Viva Magenta is a playful and energetic colour that presents a balance of warmth and coolness. If you’re looking to introduce Pantone’s Viva Magenta into your space, we have the perfect cushion for you - meet our Essential Velvet in Sass
from our luxuriously loved Velvet collection.
Lasting style is forever and Hommey is here and ready to give you that pop of colour or warm neutral haven you might be missing in your home for 2023. Browse our products online now.

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January 01, 2023