In The Bedroom: Celebrating The Raw & Intimate Experiences Of The Home

We believe that a home is more than just a place to live; it’s a space to unwind, be yourself, and get extra comfy. In celebration of our first ever bedroom collection, we visited 5 unique homemakers across Victoria, Melbourne, exploring the connections, shared stories and moments that take place in and out of the bedroom.

A Tranquil Haven: Escaping to Jenny’s Castlemaine Farm & Artist Retreat

Ideal for creatives longing to detach from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s CBD, Jenny’s farm in the heart of Castlemaine boasts a collection of lost and found belongings and natural life, perched atop a rolling hill. For Jenny and her artists in residence, this escape from the city is their home away from home. The property—scattered in figs, summer fruits and olive trees— is a canvas for creativity and a source of comfort for those who find it within nature.

We visited the farm one hot Victorian Summer afternoon while occupied for the weekend by student, Emily. For both Jenny and Emily, comfort is found in understanding and working with nature, and this home away from home is their tranquil haven to share stories, spark creativity and relax.

Finding Comfort in Tani and Thomas’ Lively Elsternwick Family Home

Nestled in the suburban streets of Elsternwick, bougainvillea explodes over the white picket fence of young parents Tani and Thomas’ home. Much like its vibrant exterior, their home is a bright, lively space. There is a meshing of ideas and an appreciation of colour that translates the connection of both adult and child.

For the young couple, comfort is found in togetherness. Their home is a space for connection, experiencing life’s first moments and relishing in each other’s company.

Inside the Eclectic Preston Home of Architect, Nelly and Sound Engineer Partner, Cam

Architect and interior designer, Nelly—along with sound engineer and partner, Cam—have fine tuned their home as an ever-evolving project of their creativity and affection. The unassuming exterior gives way to a space transformed by their curated design. Mediterranean structures juxtaposed with delicate collectables, unexpected amongst the neighbouring brick homes. 

Their bedroom is a calm and serene space filled with afternoon light reflecting onto the bed. "The bedroom should be a place of rest, but also love and passion," they share. Handmade treasures of their own craft and of others near and abroad line the walls and surfaces, each item telling a story etched in their minds.

Inside Designer, Emily Nolan’s Cosy Fitzroy Loft

For designer, Emily Nolan, home is a space that blurs the lines between work, creativity and comfort. Her inner Fitzroy loft is a nod to abundance with its high ceilings and walls decorated in provocative art. Strewn across her glass coffee table, fabric samples are mixed with illegible notes. Every surface suggests stories and memories. 

Her work room and studio all bleed into one space that feels alive with her energy and designs. For Emily, comfort is found in making this personal space uniquely her own.

Seaside Comfort in the Mornington Peninsula with Clothing Designer, Dani 

Located in the serene Mornington Peninsula, clothing designer and grandmother, Dani has made home a transient space, moving wherever the ocean takes her from the comfort of her van.

Dani cracks the back of her van doors open and flays them to overlook the sea, inside she has a full set up ready to go: doona, pillow, the works. Everything is colourful, she loves the way soft colours make her feel. For someone who has seen and traveled the world, it is in the face of the spray of the ocean where her true comfort lies. 

June 06, 2024