Get Cosy With Hommey Pets

We take comfort within our homes pretty seriously at Hommey. However, coming up a close second is the unshakeable love for our furry four-legged companions that never cease to bring home comfort to another level – the wagging tails at full speed when the keys clink at the door, or the symphony of purrs and the meows from the Boucle cushion on the couch.

Today is International Love Your Pet Day, so it only feels appropriate to hold some space for our Hommey pets that have been flaunting their adorable-ness across social media.

For the pets that demand a little more attention, our velvet cushion range is a luxurious throne. Some of our Hommey pets may mark their territory with a small patch of hair, but that's not a worry as our velvet cushion material is gentle and forgiving enough for an easy clean up.

Not forgetting the more independent Hommey pets who enjoy pottering around the garden, our Outdoor cushion collection is the perfect spot for them to rest on. Made from Italian fabric that is water repellent and UV proof, the Outdoor cushions can withstand wear and tear from an afternoon session of garden zoomies.

We love seeing your Hommey pets enjoy a life of comfort and warmth within your homes, so keep the cuteness coming!

November 24, 2022